Covid 19 Safety guideline

Workafella covid 19 safety

Health and well-being of our community members has been top priority for us. We are compliant with safety standards to provide a safe and hygienic workplace for you. At Workafella, we have always paid attention to detail and we are now strengthening all aspects with precautionary measures. Our centres are sanitized and ready-to-occupy

– Team Workafella

Centre readiness through sanitization and
well-trained community members

While you were away, our workspaces have been cleaned, fumigated and sanitized at regular intervals to ensure there is no accumulation of fungal, bacterial & pest issues. We have also highlighted the importance of hygiene and social distancing protocols through signages at our centres.

As a vital step of preparedness for your safety, we have introduced frequent and rigorous cleaning in all our workspaces. While you focus on your task, we will ensure your workspace is hygienic for you. We are giving extra attention to ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as door handles, light switches, lift operating buttons and arm rests.

As part of the preparedness measures, all Workafella team members have been certified by Apollo MedSkills on completion of the COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Program. We have ensured that our team is trained and qualified to implement the best practices which provides a safe and hygienic workspace.

Safety Measures Incorporated at Our Centre

As our community members are back at office and keeping in mind your well-being, we have incorporated the following practices in place.

  • Contactless temperature checks & infrared cameras
    We have implemented mandatory temperate checks & monitoring for every individual who enters the office. The high traffic areas in the workplace are monitored using infrared cameras
  • Automatic touch-free sanitizer
    In our continued efforts to minimize contact points, we have installed automatic hands-free sanitizers across the workspace. Keep your hands clean all day!
  • Protective PPE at entrance
    We have P.P.E available at the reception for your protection. To maintain respiratory and hand hygiene.
  • Social distancing
    The new norm of today, social distancing has been advised by health authorities as it limits close contact between individuals. At Workafella, we have protocols through floor markings & signages to highlight & remind everyone the need and importance of social distancing.
  • Disinfectant band
    Our house keeping teams will be sanitizing your workspaces every single day and marking the completion of the task with a hygiene tag. Every day when you return to your cabins, you will be greeted with a hygiene tag that states when your cabins were last sanitized. You can break the seal before entering knowing that you are entering a safe & hygienic space. We strongly believe that having a peace of mind is important so you can focus on your work without any worry.
  • Automatic sensor-based taps in restrooms
    Contact-less operation is a key to avoid contagions, so we are installing sensor-based taps in all washrooms for your safety and ease of use.
  • Disposable tableware
    To avoid touching and reusing crockery, disposable tableware has been included as a replacement
  • Color-coded waste management
    To ensure toxic materials like used masks, gloves, tissues are isolated, we have color-coded bins that are installed. We request everyone to pay attention while disposing materials by depositing waste materials into the appropriate bins.
The new agenda: Health > anything else

Health should be given preference over anything else always. Community members who feel sick can make use of the medical attention room which is available at our centres. A dedicated nurse from Apollo group of hospitals will attend to the individual in need.

Quality and Safety Monitoring

A dedicated quality manager is nominated at our centres to ensure the workplace has an active monitoring of all aspects of safety & hygiene. The quality manager will oversee all safety & hygiene practices to ensure all the measures are operational & functional. They will also be a one-point contact to address any concerns you may have.

Safety measures in the way we operate
  • Valet Parking
    Right from taking the keys to handing over the car to you – drivers have been trained to sanitize the door handle, steering wheel, gear shift, grab handle on the door, hand brake lever, seat belt buckle and seat adjustment levers inside the car before and after handling it.
  • Visitor & Vendor Management
    Visitors will undergo a thermal temperature check before entering the Workafella office premises. It is also mandatory for them to furnish their details which includes name and contact number. We have also identified a separate entry for all vendors & 3rd parties, any abnormality will be seized prior to entry and escalated. Any materials brought by the vendor will be thoroughly sanitized.
  • Courier Handling
    In order to avoid direct handling of couriers and potential contagions, it will be placed in a designated basket. The consignments will then go through the disinfectant tunnel and ensure that all items are sanitized.
A humble request to our Community

While we are taking steps to ensure you have good hygiene and a clean office environment, we request your cooperation with strict adherence to the safety practices put in place. Do take care of your health and your immediate workspace as its crucial for you and your coworkers. But remember, we are always there if any assistance is needed

If you are looking for support and assistance, remember that we are always available at your service. We also value your feedback. Kindly reach out to the Quality Manager in your center or write to us at

We’re in this together. Let’s emerge to be self-aware, stronger and safe.