Custom Built or Built to suit offices

Each business entity has distinct requirements and a unique working style. Custom-Built or Built to Suit, as the name suggests, are workspaces built according to the specifications of the client or business entity. It could be a spacious work area or a room filled with ample natural light. Whatever their need may be, Workafella takes these specifications into consideration to build a workspace tailor-made to meet the needs.

Custom-Built Offices of Workafella
A client may have a specific vision as to how their workspace should look and feel. We, at Workafella, understand and stand by our client’s requirements and ensure in building their dream workspace. We combine style and functionality to give you a workspace you’ll fall in love with! Whether you seek a customized office floor, one-of-a-kind suite, or an exclusively built workstation, our experienced team of architects and interior designers meticulously execute your company’s vision to precision. Spacious, airy, productivity optimizing design, luxurious ergonomics suited to your taste are our USPs. Perfect office spaces tailored to your business goals. Our work starts from a strategic, goal-enabled pre-planning to an impeccable execution that sustains a solid business foundation.

The magic begins at Workafella! Think workspace? Workafella it!

Customizable workspace

Scouting the perfect location

Our strategically adept team helps scout the ideal spot for your workspace, taking out the risk of long-term leases, radically lessening capital expenditure, and optimizing any other overhead costs. We keep in mind the location, proximity of transport and healthcare, and the ease of accessibility for your workforce and clientele. Your business’s exclusive needs and goals always take the lead.

Customizable workspace
Customizable workspace

Intelligent design

When your business goals and vision meet our thoughtful design precision, a bespoke workspace that flaunts your unique aesthetic and culture emerges. From a select floor dimension to a whole customized floor(s), our custom-built workspaces for small, medium, and large organizations are geared to be agile and flexibly meet your growth. Open doors to workspaces that are as unique as you – swiftly and completely hassle-free! .

Customizable workspace
Customizable workspace

End-to-end servicing

Your crafted workspace is just the first milestone in helping you set up your dream office and curating a work experience to embody your brand’s vision. Our end-to-end business ecosystem ensures smooth operational functionality – from secure IT facilities, utilities, supplies, and security, to pantry and facility management. At Workafella, indulge in the luxury of productivity because we never compromise on excellence, comfort, and design.

Customizable workspace

Our Amenities on Coworking Space

Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

  • Workafella-Amenities Access
  • Workafella-Amenities 24/7 A/C
  • Workafella-Amenities IT Support
  • Workafella-Amenities Secured Networks
    with Backup
  • Workafella-Amenities WiFi
  • Workafella-Amenities LAN
  • Workafella-Amenities Disaster Recovery
  • Workafella-Amenities IP Phones
  • Workafella-Amenities Documentation
  • Workafella-Amenities Complimentary
    Meeting Room
  • Workafella-Amenities UPS
  • Workafella-Amenities Generator
    Back UP
  • Workafella-Amenities Furnishing
  • Workafella-Amenities Electricity
  • Workafella-Amenities CCTV
  • Workafella-Amenities Security
  • Workafella-Amenities Access Cards
  • Workafella-Amenities Front Desk
  • Workafella-Amenities House keeping
  • Workafella-Amenities Maintenance
  • Workafella-Amenities Utility Bills
  • Workafella-Amenities Support Services
  • Workafella-Amenities Cafeteria
  • Workafella-Amenities Tea / Coffee
  • Workafella-Amenities Valet Parking
  • Workafella-Amenities Access To
    Social Hub
  • Workafella-Amenities Access to Events
  • Workafella-Amenities Events platforms
  • Workafella-Amenities Common Area
  • Workafella-Amenities Gym
  • Workafella-Amenities Game Zone
  • Workafella-Amenities Bunkers
  • Workafella-Amenities Crèche
  • Workafella-Amenities Shower*
  • Workafella-Amenities Steam iron*
  • Workafella-Amenities Wellness Room
*Terms and Conditions Apply


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