Dedicated Desk in Coworking

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk, as the name suggests is a desk assigned to an employee in a shared space. Contrary to a Hot Desk that is used by different people at different points in time, a dedicated desk is used only by one person. A Dedicated Desk also provides the freedom to personalize one’s desk according to their need and specifications. The space is all yours!

Indulge in the harmonious blend of ownership over your workstation and privacy, while simultaneously socializing with an inspiring, supportive community – work and network we say!   Discover a boost in productivity, heightened motivation and an organic approach to building the really important social aspects of your business. Simply plug in and get started, while we handle the rest!

Our dedicated desks work exceptionally for professionals on the go, seeking uncompromised flexibility, prime locations, vibrant work atmosphere with essential business amenities and more– all set in an ergonomically luxurious setting!

The magic begins at Workafella! Think workspace? Think Workafella

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