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Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk, as the name suggests is a desk assigned to an employee in a shared space. Contrary to a Hot Desk that is used by different people at different point of time, a dedicated desk is used only by one person. A Dedicated Desk also provides the freedom to personalize one’s desk according to their need and specifications. The space is all yours!

Benefits of Dedicated Desk

A space for yourself!
A dedicated desk will include an exclusive workstation, 24/7 access entry. in-house logistics (HR, security, maintenance, reception-desk and financial assistance), access to Workafella events, lifestyle benefits and social hub.

Privacy when needed
A dedicated desk ensures privacy when needed. If your work is of utmost importance and needs immediate focus, you have all the liberty to move away from the collaborative workspaces and get your task done quietly

A feeling of stability
Unlike Hot Desks, where one can enter, plug-in and get their work done. Dedicated desks provide a feeling of stability to the worker. Showing up every day at the same desk can make them feel comforted, productive, and free from distractions
Opt for an exclusive workstation reserved exclusively for you at Workafella’s inspiring shared office spaces – a cost-efficient, productivity-inducing monthly office rental solution! Our dedicated desks work exceptionally for professionals on the go, seeking uncompromised flexibility, aesthetically fetching locations, blazing fast internet, abundant natural lighting and ventilation, essential business amenities and more– all set in an ergonomically luxurious setting! 
With a workstation that works just right for you in an open coworking setting, indulge in the harmonious blend of ownership over your workstation and privacy, while simultaneously socializing with an inspiring, supportive community – work and network we say!   Discover a boost in productivity, heightened motivation and an organic approach to building the really important social aspects of your business. Simply plug in and get started, while we handle the rest!   

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Our Amenities

Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

  • Workafella-Amenities Access
  • Workafella-Amenities 24/7 A/C
  • Workafella-Amenities IT Support
  • Workafella-Amenities Secured Networks
    with Backup
  • Workafella-Amenities WiFi
  • Workafella-Amenities LAN
  • Workafella-Amenities Disaster Recovery
  • Workafella-Amenities IP Phones
  • Workafella-Amenities Documentation
  • Workafella-Amenities Complimentary
    Meeting Room
  • Workafella-Amenities UPS
  • Workafella-Amenities Generator
    Back UP
  • Workafella-Amenities Furnishing
  • Workafella-Amenities Electricity
  • Workafella-Amenities CCTV
  • Workafella-Amenities Security
  • Workafella-Amenities Access Cards
  • Workafella-Amenities Front Desk
  • Workafella-Amenities House keeping
  • Workafella-Amenities Maintenance
  • Workafella-Amenities Utility Bills
  • Workafella-Amenities Support Services
  • Workafella-Amenities Cafeteria
  • Workafella-Amenities Tea / Coffee
  • Workafella-Amenities Valet Parking
  • Workafella-Amenities Access To
    Social Hub
  • Workafella-Amenities Access to Events
  • Workafella-Amenities Events platforms
  • Workafella-Amenities Common Area
  • Workafella-Amenities Gym
  • Workafella-Amenities Game Zone
  • Workafella-Amenities Bunkers
  • Workafella-Amenities Crèche
  • Workafella-Amenities Shower*
  • Workafella-Amenities Steam iron*
  • Workafella-Amenities Wellness Room
*Terms and Conditions Apply


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