Hot Desking

Hot Desk (Sold Out)

What is a Hot Desk?

Hot Desk or Hot Desking as it’s popularly known, is a working- style wherein the desks are, shared by different people at different points of time. The desks are provided on an ad-hoc basis and it’s a highly flexible form of working style. Workafella’s coworking gives you access to a fully-equipped, single workstation of your choice in our aesthetically vibrant coworking area – for as little as an hour to a whole day, the flexibility is yours!

Benefits of Hot Desk

Greater Autonomy/ Flexibility : One of the advantages of Hot Desking is the fact that it offers high flexibility. It provides the employee the freedom to take ownership of their duties and responsibilities and a conducive environment to experiment with their working style.

Cost-Effective : This option is highly beneficial to organizations following a hybrid work culture—Mix of remote working and work from an office. In such cases, investing in traditional office spaces is not a wise idea, since the space will be left unused. Make a wise choice!

Improved Social Interaction : Hot Desking provides an employee with opportunities to explore workspaces and interact with new people at different points in time. This is because there is no dedicated workspace for the employee, and each workday will ensure them an exciting work experience. Your all-inclusive hot desk comes with an entire host of business support amenities comprising of ding high-speed Wi-Fi, IT support, round-the-clock air conditioning, complimentary meeting rooms, access to our celebrated social hubs, and extra perks like free passes to our regular community events! With hot-Desking at Workafella, adopt a cost-effective solution to finding office space—without the commitment or rigidity of long-term office leases - while engaging with a diverse ecosystem of entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, and innovators!

Hot Desking
Workafella Hot Desk
Hot Desk

Our Amenities

Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

  • Workafella-Amenities Access
  • Workafella-Amenities 24/7 A/C
  • Workafella-Amenities IT Support
  • Workafella-Amenities Secured Networks
    with Backup
  • Workafella-Amenities WiFi
  • Workafella-Amenities LAN
  • Workafella-Amenities Disaster Recovery
  • Workafella-Amenities IP Phones
  • Workafella-Amenities Documentation
  • Workafella-Amenities Complimentary
    Meeting Room
  • Workafella-Amenities UPS
  • Workafella-Amenities Generator
    Back UP
  • Workafella-Amenities Furnishing
  • Workafella-Amenities Electricity
  • Workafella-Amenities CCTV
  • Workafella-Amenities Security
  • Workafella-Amenities Access Cards
  • Workafella-Amenities Front Desk
  • Workafella-Amenities House keeping
  • Workafella-Amenities Maintenance
  • Workafella-Amenities Utility Bills
  • Workafella-Amenities Support Services
  • Workafella-Amenities Cafeteria
  • Workafella-Amenities Tea / Coffee
  • Workafella-Amenities Valet Parking
  • Workafella-Amenities Access To
    Social Hub
  • Workafella-Amenities Access to Events
  • Workafella-Amenities Events platforms
  • Workafella-Amenities Common Area
  • Workafella-Amenities Gym
  • Workafella-Amenities Game Zone
  • Workafella-Amenities Bunkers
  • Workafella-Amenities Crèche
  • Workafella-Amenities Shower*
  • Workafella-Amenities Steam iron*
  • Workafella-Amenities Wellness Room
*Terms and Conditions Apply


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