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Business meetings have always played a crucial role in our work lives. However, the need for a meeting room will depend on the work nature and the requirements of a team. Be it a conference call with your offshore client or a quick collaborative meet on a one-off basis or regularly, Workafella’s meeting rooms come in all styles, shapes, and sizes along with the state-of-the-art technology to go with it.

A meeting room is an ideal backdrop for idea generation, brainstorming, collaborative work, discussion of confidential information, business presentations, etc. They can also be used for training, hosting clients, and strategic meetings.

The uses of meeting rooms have evolved, and they now serve multiple purposes for the companies. Hence, Workafella keeps in mind the varied purpose of its clients and brings an all-new experience to the meeting rooms at its centers.

Workafella’s Meeting Rooms Incorporate The Following

Ergonomic Furniture and Fittings

The attendees might use the space for an extended duration, depending on the type of meeting. Hence, it necessitates well-fitted ergonomic chairs that are also comfortable to use. The chairs should be sturdy and attractive with adequate back support and armrest.

Advanced Technology
Our technology adept meeting rooms ensure a productive meeting experience for our clients. Our meeting rooms comprise,

Coffee, tea, and water services
Projectors and projector screens

Usage of right colors
Colors play a crucial role in conceiving a meeting room. Organizations should steer clear from dark colors since they tend to tone down the mood and productivity. On the other hand, pastel colors can make the room look youthful and energetic, while neutral colors like beige and white can make the space look expansive and airy. Workafella meeting rooms combine functionality and elegance, enhancing the productivity vibe of the team.

Meeting rooms should be bright and sufficiently lighted. Appropriate and comfortable lighting can improve focus and elevate productivity. While deciding on the lights for the meeting room, the organizations should also consider if there will be a need for visual presentations and decide on lighting accordingly.

Why should you choose Workafella Meeting Rooms?

Workafella’s meeting rooms are crafted with precision, keeping upscale business design and infrastructural support at the premise. Whether it’s a formal meeting for executive decision making, a collaborative meet, a quick brainstorming huddle, workshops with industry stalwarts, or to recruit the right talent – our meeting rooms are arguably one of our most important and thought-provoking spaces.

Our Amenities

Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

  • Workafella-Amenities Access
  • Workafella-Amenities 24/7 A/C
  • Workafella-Amenities IT Support
  • Workafella-Amenities Secured Networks
    with Backup
  • Workafella-Amenities WiFi
  • Workafella-Amenities LAN
  • Workafella-Amenities Disaster Recovery
  • Workafella-Amenities IP Phones
  • Workafella-Amenities Documentation
  • Workafella-Amenities Complimentary
    Meeting Room
  • Workafella-Amenities UPS
  • Workafella-Amenities Generator
    Back UP
  • Workafella-Amenities Furnishing
  • Workafella-Amenities Electricity
  • Workafella-Amenities CCTV
  • Workafella-Amenities Security
  • Workafella-Amenities Access Cards
  • Workafella-Amenities Front Desk
  • Workafella-Amenities House keeping
  • Workafella-Amenities Maintenance
  • Workafella-Amenities Utility Bills
  • Workafella-Amenities Support Services
  • Workafella-Amenities Cafeteria
  • Workafella-Amenities Tea / Coffee
  • Workafella-Amenities Valet Parking
  • Workafella-Amenities Access To
    Social Hub
  • Workafella-Amenities Access to Events
  • Workafella-Amenities Events platforms
  • Workafella-Amenities Common Area
  • Workafella-Amenities Gym
  • Workafella-Amenities Game Zone
  • Workafella-Amenities Bunkers
  • Workafella-Amenities Crèche
  • Workafella-Amenities Shower*
  • Workafella-Amenities Steam iron*
  • Workafella-Amenities Wellness Room
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