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We set our foot at the right time in the right place, with the onset of a burgeoning demand for Coworking space Goregaon.We give you the privilege to choose from the potpourri of products we offer in Coworking space Mumbai. Located in Goregaon City, amongst Mumbai’s prime commercial and residential sites, we aim at helping you derive and retain the best work-life balance.

Why co-working space?
Co-working space offer functionality and flexibility that may lack in a typical office space. With the rapid spread of entrepreneurs all over, we need a budget and a network friendly place to soar. Co-working space do that justice for you, help build your network and help ease out your work environment. With great environment comes great ideas and co-working space offer you the ideal environment to brainstorm. Co-working space are available 24/7. We as humans have our own set of time to process and work, some of us prefer early mornings and some of us are late nighters. So why wait on time when you can thrive for growth?

With the city growing rapid, how do you choose the best co-working space in Goregaon, Mumbai?
The answer is simple, Workafella.
We have a varied concoction of products ranging from a private office, coworking space, hive to many more from which you can pick the best suited for you. We understand your business needs and with our top-notch amenities, we assure you that focus only towards your growth. Our amenities range from basics like 24 hour air conditioning, unlimited internet and telephone calls, utility bills (water, electricity) to luxury services like a snooze spot, creche, gym, yoga room, prayer room, wellness room and we also have runner boys to run errands for you.
As an add on, our all-inclusive fully serviced workspace comes with a 24/7 HR and admin support.
Going into an important client meeting with a crinkled or stained shirt? No worry no more, we also offer steam iron and shower facility to help you look sugar. Stress no more about towing or parking in public space, we have ample parking lots designated just for you. An even better offer? Make use of our valet parking services in Goregaon centre and save time.
Our facilities don’t stop there, we have a 24/7 housekeeping maintenance, a doctor on call, food court, unlimited tea/coffee/beverages and the list is never ending. Our motto is to help you think of work and nothing else. We have all had a dream house but how many of us have a dream workplace? For all those who do and who don’t, we will make sure you dream of working here.
A carefully chosen location, Goregaon, which is accessible to entertainment spots, signature restaurants and event areas are an added perk. With a hospital at 300m and a bus stop in 20m, we have covered from commutation to health safely. It is safe to say that we are one of the best available office for rent in Goregaon.
At Workafella, we build communities and events for social and professional gathering. Networking has never been easier than this, we assure you to build your contacts and grow progressively. Workafella is much bigger than just a workspace, Workafella is a culture. Move out from the traditional office space and ease out with Workafella, staying hassle free from Day 1 paying no extra/hidden setup cost. We promise to be your best pocket friendly Coworking spaces in Mumbai.
Think big, think Workafella.

Workafella Coworking Space – Mumbai
AK Estate, Off Veer Savarkar Flyover,
SV Rd, Goregaon West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra – 400062

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