Private Office Space

What are Private Offices in a Coworking Space?

A private office forms a separate area within a shared office space or a coworking space. A private office space will be exclusively rented to an individual conferring them with a quiet and peaceful environment to focus on their work.

Who can benefit from our Private Office?

If a collaborative office space is not what you are looking for, or you deal with sensitive work-related information, or you find yourself to be more productive in a private office space. At Workafella, We believe in catering to every specific workspace requirement of our clients. Workafella’s fully furnished, move-in-ready private offices for rent stand at the crossroads of supreme functionality, ergonomic comforts, and a brilliantly equipped business support ecosystem. Set your business up for success with our premium workstations for teams of any size, accessible 24x7 and located in the heart of the city’s thriving business district.

Why choose a Private Office space?

Flexible and Transparent

Flexible terms and all-inclusive transparent pricing are a given at Workafella. Decide to scale up, switch workstations, or adapt your workforce for the new normal – we are where your work needs us to be! 

Customize the office space to your needs

A private office allows you to design your office space the way you want it suiting to your requirements. You can also find creative ways to brand your workspace. Get the creativity flowing! .

Sense of importance and prestige

A private office will instill a sense of importance and prestige in yourself and you can also enhance your company’s image.

Improved Productivity

A private office can take your productivity a notch higher since your workspace will be free from distractions and be peaceful and calm. Now, you can get your work done in a jiffy!

Workafella’s Private Office spaces have

Exclusive access entry
In house logistics
HR, security, Maintenance, reception- desk.
Hi speed Wi-fi
Meeting rooms

We have our Private offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai situated at Prime locations. Our workspace gives you instant access to over 30 exclusive business amenities, complimentary meeting rooms, excellent in-house support, a host of lifestyle benefits, and a thriving company of edgy, ambitious community members.


Our Amenities on Coworking Space

Immerse in our wide range of amenities carefully curated to help enable a hassle free work-life for you.

  • Workafella-Amenities Access
  • Workafella-Amenities 24/7 A/C
  • Workafella-Amenities IT Support
  • Workafella-Amenities Secured Networks
    with Backup
  • Workafella-Amenities WiFi
  • Workafella-Amenities LAN
  • Workafella-Amenities Disaster Recovery
  • Workafella-Amenities IP Phones
  • Workafella-Amenities Documentation
  • Workafella-Amenities Complimentary
    Meeting Room
  • Workafella-Amenities UPS
  • Workafella-Amenities Generator
    Back UP
  • Workafella-Amenities Furnishing
  • Workafella-Amenities Electricity
  • Workafella-Amenities CCTV
  • Workafella-Amenities Security
  • Workafella-Amenities Access Cards
  • Workafella-Amenities Front Desk
  • Workafella-Amenities House keeping
  • Workafella-Amenities Maintenance
  • Workafella-Amenities Utility Bills
  • Workafella-Amenities Support Services
  • Workafella-Amenities Cafeteria
  • Workafella-Amenities Tea / Coffee
  • Workafella-Amenities Valet Parking
  • Workafella-Amenities Access To
    Social Hub
  • Workafella-Amenities Access to Events
  • Workafella-Amenities Events platforms
  • Workafella-Amenities Common Area
  • Workafella-Amenities Gym
  • Workafella-Amenities Game Zone
  • Workafella-Amenities Bunkers
  • Workafella-Amenities Crèche
  • Workafella-Amenities Shower*
  • Workafella-Amenities Steam iron*
  • Workafella-Amenities Wellness Room
*Terms and Conditions Apply


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